only insists on the

Achieved the top three domestic customer satisfaction survey selected by consumers!

Industrial Commerce Department, Small Venture Business Division etc.


Completed US Food and Drug Administration

Completion of US Federal Communications Commission Electromagnetic Compatibility

CE certification

Passed the safety test for hazardous materials

Certified for electrical appliance safety and electromagnetic safety

Total of 3 design patent registration and application

Total of 4 CELLRETURN brand registration

Total of 6 technology related patent registration and application

Certified for quality management system ISO 9001

Compensate up to 100 million won for product liability

This is the 3rd generation STANDARD mask!


You need to check your skin resilience
The foundation is important for a lively face.

※ Rental and long-term installment plan are processed after the call with customer service,
so you don’t have to pay at the site for subscription. (12-month installment plan should be paid on the website)

Benefit 01

Up to 12-months interest-free installment plan

( offers interest-free instalment service for 12 months by credit card company )

/ The word of mouth LED mask /

Elasticity, skin texture, skin tone UP!
Problematic skin! Real Testimonials!!



Have a whitening care all day long by simply lightening up your face tone with CELLRETURN mask before you leave the room

Good night care

Have an anti-aging procedure while sleeping by using wavelengths require for intensive care due to fine dust, yellow dust, and large temperature difference.

/ 3rd generation standard /

Total lights solution for your skin


It helps in many ways such as whitening, freckles, blemish, and flush.


It helps to give relief for sensitive skins with acne troubles


Use to avoid leaving traces after problematic skin is calm down





Near Infrared Ray


Why we love it even we can’t see it.


thesis verification

good light

NIR known to have results from the paper of many medical institutions including NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
CELLRETURN is the only company with optimized effective wavelength LED technology.
We have discovered a fine and dense wavelength sensitivity that is directly effective on the skin, and then fused it into an LED mask so that anyone can easily use it as a home care device.

Exclusive technology

The core tech.
of the mask is


Patented LED module for
facilitating effective wavelength output

Proved the effectiveness officially
through professional institution

This is a clinical demonstration to show the effects of
CELLRETURN which felt by users’ first

· Contrast improvement effects of before and after for 4 weeks of use / age 20s to 50s
· Results may vary depending on individual skin characteristics or cosmetics used.
· P&K Skin Clinical Research Center

This is a real picture of the customers experienced CELLRETURN in an order of facial lifting, skin brightness, number of pores, derma density, and eye wrinkles.

Is it safe from side effects?

Not only it’s been treated for the health of astronauts at NASA for more than 30 years,
LED light therapy using NIR has already used in many other areas of medicine,
and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a number of papers.

Is it okay for pregnant women to use it?

Electromagnetic fields that require attention during pregnancy are areas with short wavelengths.
NIR is safe since it has a longer wavelength than the light rays we commonly encounter.

How do you feel about using the CELLRETURN Mask?

While I work at the hospital, it’s not easy to get lasers in my spare time, so what I liked the most was that it is wireless, and I could easily use at home just pressing a button for about 20 minutes before I went to bed. Now,
as I enter my mid-thirties, I get most anxious about my firmness and pores, but after about a week of continuous use,
I could feel the skin changing more quickly and more sensitive. Since the number of LEDs is
much higher than that of other products, it seems to be the biggest advantage of evenly spreading out the overall face.

There’s argument that the heat generated by NIR reduces the firmness of skin and increases the wrinkles. Is this true?

The direct heat such as ultraviolet radiation to the skin layer may speed up the skin aging and create wrinkles,
but Infrared rays minimize irritation to the skin’s surface, and works dep in the skin which helps the resilient of the skin and help preventing wrinkles from forming.

No more cosmetics drifter, and no more expensive management costs!

Now do the really effective CELLRETURN!

Number of LED

If the wavelengths and outputs are the same, the higher the number of LEDs, the more effective the effect will be.

The definite effectiveness of 120 LEDs and 585 LEDs


Best results from years of efficient, effective wavelengths derived from constant research and clinical trials

LED module technology to promote the output of patented effective wavelengths is unique technology of CELLRETURN


We pioneered the LED mask market with introducing the 1st/2nd/3rd generation

The only professional company that has continued to upgrade features without inconvenient controllers

Not all LED masks are the same.

Why CELLRETURN is so effective?



It is the only all-in-one product in the
market that fully manages not only across the face,
but also the nose (sebum), ear, and neck (wrinkles) where aging begins.